Top positively reviewed mattresses

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Simplyrest has taken the liberty of making a list of some of the most positively reviewed mattresses of 2020. If you are a new buyer and don’t know where to start, here is something to get you started, best mattress in a  box.


Next up, is the Zealai mattress. The TriangulexTM technology from Zealai makes it great for side sleepers. In order to give additional lumbar support to keep your torso from falling uncomfortably, TriangulexTM feels firmer around your midsection. Then, TriangulexTM has triangle-shaped cut-outs near the shoulders and hips to allow for greater compression and pressure relief under those main joints. And when you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips take on more of your body weight, pressure-relieving strategies are required to alleviate discomfort. Zealai comprises three layers: TriangulexTM technology gel-infused memory foam, a sheet of ReactivTM foam, and the heart of Support+.

Sleepwalking AS5 Hybrid

The Bio-Pur foam is backed by two inches of bouncy Dynamic Flex. Specifically, Active Flex is designed to add responsiveness without reducing the comfortable feel of the bed. Next is the key support of the bed, an 8-inch sheet of pocketed coils. To restrict motion transfer and avoid sleep disruptions, the coils are enclosed in cloth pockets. Sleepwalking classifies the coils into three regions. There is more pain relief provided in the areas of the shoulders and thighs, while assistance is centred on the torso portion. A 1-inch thick foundation of firm foam helps to preserve the structure of the coils. For extra protection, solid foams often cover the coils, supplying you with edge support to make it easier to get out of bed. Both Sleepwalking mattresses feature a 100-night sleep trial and an extended 20-year warranty, as we reported previously. When it comes to the AS5 Hybrid, you should expect several years of cloud-like convenience.

Sleepwalking AS4

With 4 inches of Bio-Pur on Sleepwalking plant-based memory foam, comes the top layer of the AS4. The memory foam contours your body as you lie on this bed and helps your shoulders and hips to compress onto the mattress. The most effective pain-relieving technology from Sleepwalking, HIVE , lies below the layer of Bio-Pur . The HIVE layer is a zoned support layer built to give your midsection, knees, and neck additional support and more shoulder and hip cushion; this design also lowers pressure points and encourages natural spinal alignment. To have more secure sleep, eliminate existing aches, and keep you from feeling new pain points, these layers operate in tandem.

We hope that this information as well as the mattress that you finally purchase, will be helpful to you.